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At NORDICA COFFEE we have a vision: we want to create the best coffee. Unfortunately, the mass-produced coffee that is offered to us in the supermarket no longer has anything to do with the original flavor.

So, we started a worldwide search for the best coffee beans, which still grow without chemicals and are picked by hand, as only an experienced picker can recognize the perfect degree of ripeness.

By buying the best organic green coffee beans directly, the coffee farmers, who are otherwise often exploited, receive more money. So, with every cup of NORDICA COFFEE you help to secure fair jobs in the growing regions.

In Hamburg we refine the green coffee beans with our special long-term drum roasting. Here we give the coffee the time it needs to break down acids and fully develop aromas and flavors. This is how we create our low-acid, soft, aromatic NORDICA COFFEES.

Experience coffee at its best and make every single cup of coffee a special moment!

At NORDICA COFFEE, we personally know our coffee farmers, and even more important, we are directly trading with them. Thus, we are not only supporting them, but at the same time we assure the highest quality and the shortest supply chain for our organic coffee beans.


Enjoy 5 outstanding coffees from 5 different countries!

Washed Peru SHB EP Grade 1 Organic Mujeres
Bolivia Altura TOP Organic Cafe de Frontera
Washed Costa Rica Volcan Azul TARRAZU
Washed Kenya AB Plus Organic Coffee

5 x 250g

This is an exclusive offer to be paid with YEM only. Price includes VAT and shipping. Shipping within the European Union (no external areas) only. Gourmet Coffee Set will ship between March 1 and March 15, 2020 with DHL. Fulfillment by 'Nordica Coffee GmbH' .

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